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August 29, 2007



HEE!! This story totally cracked me up. I heart your kitties (and your good-humored houseguests)!

Chaos Control

I'm just jealous that you have the energy to stay up all night - multiple nights in a row. Wow!

Mrs. Houseguest

Oh my gosh!!! I was laughing so hard reading that. Definitely brought back the memories of Jill right in my face:):):) Even though I got I really scared that night......I had a total blast that weekend!! Don't worry, that won't ever keep us from staying with you guys again. Hee! Hee!


My cat scratches on the door when she can't get in too. It is SO annoying.


i remember that one time that you got a puppy and were freaking out over it because you didn't know what to do. now it sounds like you're a seasoned professional. or you have just completely given up. perhaps there's not much difference between the two.


That is hilarious! It's a good thing they didn't take a baseball bat to the cat! I have two dogs, one of which sheds so much. Do you notice how a couple times a year, with the changing of a season they seem to shed more?

I totally empathize with the constant vacuuming. And of course my mom is like, "We told you not to get them..." Yeah, gee, thanks. So helpful. :-)


You could maybe market your place as a safari experiences - never know what animals might slither in the room in the dead of night? :-)


I've never had house guests.

And I don't want them. Ever.


Whoa! Animal Planet at Elise's! What good sports you all are! I'm having inlaws coming in this weekend and just bought all of the extra particulars for guest room and bathroom! Whew! Hope I didn't forget anything!

Teacher A

My aunt had a cat named Crabby Abby that only liked her and her husband. As kids, my sister and I were alternately fascinated and terrified by the hissing beast we would encounter in her house. The funniest event, though, was when Abby jumped up onto the sofa where my mom was sitting, hissed as she landed, and leaped out of the room.

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