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July 18, 2007



Ohhhh....very familiar. Very familiar indeed. I had one of those days today, and again the day before yesterday. As a consequence, I am going to spend all night working and freaking out. Or, more likely, I will work and freak out for another two hours, and then I will eat some chips and watch television and swear tomorrow will be different.
You should totally come visit me sometime, now that I know you are easily entertained.


I don't know how to break this to you, but... we're twins. Cousins. Sisters? Definitely related and possibly the Very Same Person.

Now I've worn myself out and I'm going back to only using the mouse to navigate the big bad internet.

And then I think I'll nap.


I'm new to your blog and thus your life, but it seems like maybe you need an assistant. Assistants are wonderful! I can heartily recommend them. And I'm with you on the sloth, I mean sleep and relaxation. I love it, too.

Caustic Cupcake

Clearly, we are soul mates.

It's mildly relieving to know that you can do something in the morning. It takes the pressure off of the current day. Until the morning, when you don't have enough time or energy and don't want to do it and wish it had been done before and either don't do it and suffer the consequences or do a half-assed job and hate yourself for both procrastinating and underperforming.

Do you look back at years gone by and remember thinking that you would eventually get your shit together and that in the future everything would be easier as a result, telling yourself that the mess you were in wasn't a reflection of a way you really are but rather a reflection of the circumstances that you were in?

Because I look back that way, and then realize that this is the future, and that I haven't improved my method of doing things, and that this really is the way I am. And it's depressing.

Let's go get a cup of coffee.


Oy. If only I could find a job that would pay me to do nothing. Even just a part-time nothing job! I've actually thought about trying to get myself into some of those drug research studies where you sleep for three days and they pay you $3,000, but then I get busy with all the WORK and instead of getting paid the $3,000 for taking experimental drugs, I get paid $300 for being a company bitch.

Chaos Control

Sounds like me and the conversations I have with myself regarding the need to eat better and get in shape! I'll just start TOMORROW!!


I had a neighbour who was like you once and I am like you and we had the BEST visits, both pregnant with our first babies, married to husbands in the Army who were always away we would get together in each others homes ( actually mine because she was really good at the doing nothing thing and her house? Ewwwwww) so we'd get together and not talk and then we'd watch Tv and fall asleep and then she'd wake up and go home. Can you imagine? Heaven. No need to entertain yet having a bit of company. Bliss I tell you.
I live my life longing for the day when I have the time to be bored. I love doing nothing, I love afternoon naps and not talking.


I so could have written this (if I was half as talented and witty, of course). I am so freaking lazy. I love to put off til tomorrow what I could do today. Etc.

We need to go into business together, whenever you find the right business for us, k?


I love! the possibility that long extended periods of time with nary to do produce. The sheer ideas! of what I COULD be doing make me excited, and then, well, most of the time I sit there and let the possibilities pass, unrealized. But they are there! by gum, and someday, someday.


Are we twins who were separated at birth?


Woohoo! Just got your comment on my blog. It's so nice to find a fellow supporter of good health! I tell ya, I get so much flack from my friends. For years, my brother used to mock my husband and I whenever we'd bring up "hydrogenated oils". That was back in 1999. Now that trans fats are becoming more well known, my brother has changed his stance and doesn't tease us anymore.

Thanks for your comment! I'm looking forward to reading your blog, too. :)

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