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July 08, 2007


One of the people

Umm, did the curse have anything to do with a flat tire? Huh, huh?

I blame you.


Gee, Elise. A flat tire is harsh.




I know I'm a wuss!

And One of the people? I promise I didn't wish a flat tire on anyone. I really just wished that you would all go away.

Wait, what?



remember that time you were going to sleep for as long as you possibly could when i was living with your family? the rules were something like you could go to the bathroom, or get a drink of water (not a glass), but you couldn't be awake more than 15 (maybe 20) minutes?

i didn't know where you were for a day.

you slept for 19 hours.

go elise. you are my hero.


I truly hate people that stop me sleeping, in this house if someone is asleep you better let them stay that way. I feel your pain and I definately would have been one of those hostesses that say things like " Night then, have fun, I would sit with you all night but then I would have to hate you and that would be a shame..keep the noise down there's a love" and go to bed. I might then feel the need to vacuum at 8am just so they don't feel like staying up all night again. Nothing worse than eyeburning weariness and nodding off on some strangers shoulder ( did you drool? Did you? If you did.. some real curse is called for)
Oh and the rain? England too, drowning we are, a mere 3 days of sun so far this 'summer'....where's the global warming? Send it our way please!

sarcastic journalist

Oh you know I'm with you. But you know we're in the same-ish region.

Just the other day, the lady on the news said with a smirk "both coasts are now experiencing what we do every summer."



The rain. It is killing me. Totally.

fist city

I just moved to Texas, right, so at first I was kind of assuming that this is what it's always like. And... yeah. Apparently not so much. But now that it's stopped raining for minute, it's about 95 degrees outside with 95% humidity, and I'm not really down with that either. Weather: can't live with it, can't kill it.


I wish we'd get some rain here in Ohio! Stop hogging it all! All anyone can talk about here is this ridiculous drought, blah blah blah. They make ME want to sleep!

Congratulations on Post #300! And I'm totally with you on the sleep thing. Poor you!

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