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July 12, 2007



congrats!!!!!!!!!!! happy, happy, happy THIRD year! I will have three of something tonight for sure.


I love the way you write- somehow it makes so much sense to me. Should I be frightened by that? :) CONGRATULATIONS on the start of your third year! That's incredible!!! I'm so proud of you! But what I really want to know is how you made it through the whole wedding process without ever having Cody see you cry! That, to me, is the truly amazing part!


Curse you evil spammers for causing me to squint at fuzzy letters to verify after a long work day!




Seriously. Cody has only seen you cry like three times??? How do you do that???




Yesterday during the teetering on the edge of yet another nervous breakdown, I asked my father if he could see why something had upset me. I followed up with "not how it would upset someone ELSE (meaning someone "normal"), but why it would upset ME."

Because rationality has its own definition in my world.

Congratulations on the start of your third year! mk

p.s. And it totally makes sense to me that you would be celebrating "three." Look at us...we're in the third millenium, right? Even though we're in the year TWO thousand and seven? So you are in your THIRD year. So there.


congratulations on the anniversary of the store. if i lived in tyler, and was a woman, i would buy something there. definitely.

or if i just had a girlfriend. :-(



Viva capitalism! Congrats on making it past the start-of-three-year hump!


I'd echo Deb's "Viva Capitalism" line but, well, she said it first. And I like to pretend to be a Socialist. Because your store doesn't sell oil or medical services, I can comfortably say you're doing a good thing and "congrats." So, congratulations on starting your third year!

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