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June 27, 2007



Unbelievable. I've had a little post waiting on me -- complete with a photo of where Kyle had stuck his "lost" socks two days ago -- that I was going to publish this evening. And then you come up with this, and now Kyle's amazing scatterbrainedness is somehow diminished by Cody's even more remarkable scatterbrainedness. So, thanks, Elise, and thanks, Cody. My post-in-waiting has been officially puny-fied.


Impressive and prize worthy. Luckily he doesn't have to carry a purse, because those little suckers are like portable black-holes, all contents within disappear.


wow, that is genius. or the opposite of. either way, it's amazing.


OMG, hilarious. I love this story. It's totally something I would do...


I didn't guess that they were the keys! I didn't! I was surprised! SHOCKED! Also, um, it's something I would do, and I totally understand how that happens. I once put my keys into an orange juice container and threw them away in a parking garage garbage can. Oh, and they were RENTAL car keys. I retraced my steps and thought, wait, I was drinking orange juice. ORANGE JUICE. And lo, the keys. There they were.

Oh Cody. I understand.

But what made him look in the woods? Dear God.


Well, I was actually looking in the yard where the yard becomes woods. And I wasn't looking for the keys, I was looking for stuff that might be unpleasant to hit with a lawn mower. Then I saw a big ball of tape, picked it up, thought "this is very heavy for tape"......eureka!


Too funny! And hey- think of it this way- now you have an EXTRA extra set of keys! And I still want to hear where the socks were hiding, Amy!


See, Amy, everyone wants to know. Tell us. Tell us of the socks.


That's talent, right there. I could never manage to do that, even if I tried!


OK, I posted my little story about Kyle's socks. Not nearly as out-there as Cody's, though.


I am all astonishment!


What??? He threw a wad of painter's tape into the woods? Losing the keys was karma's way of "schooling" Cody about littering.

Chaos Control

This could be a story right out of my household. My husband loses his keys, his cell phone and his palm pilot daily. Daily. Unbelievable.

And I agree with karma's lesson about littering as brought up by wordgirl!


That's hilarious! When we were in college, a bunch of us hometown friends were hanging around my parents' house, waiting to go out. Our friend Chris had his keys on one of those lanyards and he was swinging it around. Then suddenly, he lost his grip and they flew. We looked for probably an hour - now, this was the front lawn. There was one set of bushes, and lots of open, flat grass. There were 5 of us looking. We got behind the small bushes with flashlights. We never found them, that night or in all the years my mom and dad lived there, and we would continue to look just for fun. One day they'll tear down the house and there will be this set of keys that belongs to a Mustang!


this totally goes in the record books for insanity and hilarity!

also, you have pretty nails.


Just fabulous, how lucky you are to be married to such a blogworthy husband, mine is a bit dull when it comes to using him for blog fodder. This story has to be one of his finest though, Cody you are a legend.

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