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June 01, 2007



Typepad is a tricky wee thing, it likes to do naughty things every so often and then play innocent. Oh yes. it does.

And I like it!

Sorry 'bout the cat puke though. Never a good start.

Teacher A

On a related tangent to the whole turning from a non-bitchy boss into a bitchy boss, my host teacher chewed out a couple of students from her (my) class for talking and then asked them if they were trying to turn me from a nice teacher into a mean teacher by being disrespectful while I'm trying to be nice. The students were somewhat horrified, but unfortunately continued to talk, leading me to develop The Look.

Chaos Control

I teach people how to be good managers for a living, yet as a manager myself I suck. Go figure.


Not to throw you into a total state of panic or anything, but I must say that my FIRST reaction when the new design came up was to think: A stork? Is she PREGNANT?!?!?!

Sorry you had a sucky day. Hope you're on an upswing with it!



Never give up! That is the lesson of the frog.


Eww...cat puke. Been there. Never a good start! I think I turn my good boss into a mean boss on most days. I don't intend too, but somehow it always seems to go that way!


Now what happens is you re-spawn.


I'm all for a new design and I'm trying to work on one myself. The banner is giving me fits and I can't decide on color. Love yours, though.

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