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May 17, 2007


Amy C.

This is where you say, "Don't worry, Cody and Kyle are nothing alike."

Teacher A

My brain... You've broken my brain...


Poor sweet Cody. He must be the long lost brother of Mr. Half who, bless his heart, is last minute about so many of these kinds of details.


Don't worry, Amy, Cody and Kyle are exactly alike. But you and I can vacation together.


It's a husband thing maybe? My husband is being like this about finding a HOME. He is not worrying, he is carrying on as normal, until I suspect, the day before we have to empty some of the packed cardboard boxes and move into them.


Oh my. I had anxiety just READING this! I do not handle situations like that very well at all.


You, my dear, are a very patient woman. Thank you for sharing this. It means I could have it far far worse. How do you deal with having to do everything for the guy though? That's what I struggle with. Or, should I just, not?


I'm getting married three weeks from tomorrow. And we're going to Paris for the honeymoon. And guess who STILL doesn't have passport in hand. Guess what? It's not me! :)


Beck, you should not. As long as you can face the idea of vacationing alone, maybe having your electricity disconnected a time or two, and keeping at least 4 extra sets of all needed keys around.


As a first-person witness to the entire ordeal, I must say that although the Code Man may not have had his ducks in a row, it grieves my heart to see the amount of man-bashing this post has provoked.

All you women in blogville, who have taken this as an opportunity to man-hate, consider:

Cody being late for vacation because of lack of birth certificate and/or passport = 2 days

Accrued time every married male has spent waiting on 'better half' to put on makeup, do hair, undo hair, tweaze eyebrows, find clothes/change clothes, ask if they look fat/reproach husband for any and every answer given to said question, for any event imaginable = 2-3 solar years.

So time, as it were, is on our side.

P.S. http://www.nathanwrites.blogspot.com/


Cody has commented in defense of himself, but I have removed the comment due to the sheer amounts of vitriol contained within.

I will paraphrase instead:

"I haven't ever let the electricity go off (true), I am a perfectly competent human being with a practice of my own (true), and I think all you women are man-haters (probably not true, given that all of us are either married or With Man). Also, Elise exaggerates too much in her posts (true). Also, I hate all of you."

There, Cody, happy with that?


I worry to think we sound like man haters, I love my man, I was actually thrilled to have the opportunity to hate him this week though as he is normally so nauseatingly perfect I crick my neck looking up at him on his pedestal. I rather envy my husband's ability to not worry about things like being made homeless and paying bills and stuff, if only we could all relax and assume that someone ( or the fairies or a Obsessive Compulsive wife)will happen along and make it all alright. Marvellous, I do love men though, think they are somewhat inferior to us marvellous women folk but just had to straighten out that hatred thing. There, done. Phew.


No worries, Helen. He's just messin'.



It's a damn good thing you can laugh about it now. I'd be a bit of a freaker-outer myself in those situations.


This story made me so nervous. Because the TWO times in my life when I have left this country on a passport I have had nightmares the night before about being in places like Albuquerque and running out of the airport and driving home to Dallas and then driving back to Albuquerque JUST IN TIME for my flight to London because OMG I forgot my passport. Actually? Right now? I think I'll go check and make sure it's still safely in its drawer in case I have to, you know, leave the country right this second!


No, seriously. I did just gocheckrightnowyesitsthereandIcanstopwiththehpanicattacknowplease?


This is one of the worst vacation stories I have ever read. Even though you write hilariously, Elise, all I want to do is curl up and cry.

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