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April 02, 2007


Amy C.

Dear Elise,

I catch what you're throwin'.

I think you are right. There are catagories that include family, friends, people, and "ghosts." Family rarely changes categories, but friends start as people that morph into friends and sometimes transgress into ghosts. I do not know whether friendships end or whether situations change and time progresses. I sure don't have the answer, but I have felt the cold brought on by "ghosts" before.

Rita--Ghost of workplace past


Rita, you'll never be a Ghost in my book :)


I have the opposite problem - I make friends easily, but if I feel like they're not being good enough friends, I cut them out of my life pretty easily. I have a hard time trusting in people, so when they disappoint me, I'm just not that surprised.


elise, very well said. i know exactly what you mean on most of these points.


Found you on Finslippy.

You have no idea how well I relate to that. Very nicely put.

And VERY nice to meet you!

Jurgen Nation

I recently subscribed to you and I'm popping in to say hi from me and also to let you know how happy we are to have you on Indie Bloggers. I love this post - I relate to so much of what you have so beautifully articulated. Would you consider posting this to Indie Bloggers? I think it's absolutely fantastic and thought provoking. So glad you signed up and I'm extra glad to have found you! :) -stacy


I find that I feel similarly. I'm looking for friends who are similarly committed to the relationship and I often find myself playing the "who blinks first" game. I hate it.


I take a while to feel close to someone and then the friendships usually last forever. With real friends I believe you must feel free to be yourself and say what you feel. I have maybe 3 friends that have lasted most of my life and many I hope will last the rest of it. Some friends are online ones, the kind where you really forget that you havenever actually met, where the real you is known and loved even though the metting has only ever been through a screen, I got me a husband through the computer though so it goes without saying that I am a firm believer that it doesn't matter HOW someone comes into your life, it's what grows between you that matters. People that just fade out or disappear for no apparant reason? DRIVE ME INSANE!


I feel that way too. I don't put myself out there and I probably never will, or at least not very often. Seems like any time I do I get no response. I get very hurt over emails. That is my only communication from most of my friends and family and when they don't email back anything, it hurts and I get upset. That's the point I just give up.

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