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April 05, 2007



I have one of those too and it's downright paralyzing! I have no idea what to choose, but here are some contenders:

Chanel Chance perfume
Philosophy stuff (but what?)
a new tinted moisturizer (brand?)


what IS THAT?


I think, seeing as you are perfectly beautiful and young and have great hair already, that you should definately spend it all on ME. Poor old me, with frizzy grey hair and old skin. Problem solved, see? I am your friend, always there in time of need, with answers to all your problems. I should start an agony aunt blog and have everyone come to me with their quandries.


This powder is one of my favorite. And don't let the color put you off, it's one of those colors that's good on everyone. This Smashbox blush is intriguing to me and you could tell me if it really works. Or I really like this Maybe Baby scent.


I LOVE the bare minerals set, and Sephora has the best selection. Allie and I call their powder foundation our "magic makeup."


i love the bareminerals too!

and philosphy skin care - yes! if you have skin care you already love, try the microdelivery peels - there's a great set of two that's perfect for trying (i think) the best of what they have to offer.

dior diorshow blackout mascara - MAGNIFICENT.

stila eyeshadows, lip gloss, and most importantly - smudge pot eyeliner. it stays on forever and the slight shimmer in the bronze makes it really forgiving to put on with a small angled brush.

good basic lip balm that lasts forever and has a great smell? smith's rosebud salve.

any "fresh" fragrance.

i also love both stella mccartney fragrances A LOT. my husband who has no preference, loves "stella."

tarte lip balms (in the sliding purple tin) and cheek stains are great.

um, yeah. i can recommend more if you need it.


Confession here: I've never been to Sephora or ordered anything from them. Something tells me I'm missing out.


NARS lipgloss. It is amazing. I spent $25 on lip gloss and I would have paid $50. IT is that good.
It is the meticulous blend of smooth wonderful texture and the perfect amount of micro-sparkles. I wear it every day.
It makes me feel like the girl in the magazine with perfect lips.
Sandpiper is the color. It is sheer perfection.

Elyse Edwards

Peter Roth Cleaning pads!!! they do not dry your face out and they remove makeup! $30 a bottle!!! about 60 circle pads in one tube! perfect perfect!

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