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April 16, 2007



i gotta admit, i was with you all along with the whole "caulk" narrative, but as i saw the word "moisturizer" it was like my vision went blurry and i couldn't really read anymore.

incidentally, do you and a neighbor share a backyard?? it kind of looks like that in the above picture.


There now, you answered your own question, that one where you asked what to spend your gift card thingy for beauty items on...hand cream of the most splendid kind. Also, I think you may be surpassing posh and heading for grand. Screen porch and wickery type chairs and all. Did you see we soon won't even have a home? Can I come and stay with you? I'll bring some lovely lotion from Harrods or something. And chocolate, and really lots of children....hello? Where did you go???


Kyle, we do not share a backyard with our neighbors. A funny thing about iSight is that it seems to mirror image whatever you take a picture of, so this is showing a house under construction behind our house. Neither of us have fences up right now, so it looks, especially mirrored, as if we are like RIGHT next to each other. Weird :)


hmm, i'll have to take your word for it, mainly because i don't know what you mean mirror image. they look perpendicular to me... ah well :-)


When you're done there, c'mon up to Maine and I have lots n lots of little building projects for you. I promise to supply enough hand lotion for twelve battalions. mk


Caulking takes the hand-muscles of a linebacker. You must be a real WO-MAN, my friend.


oh my, I am sorry to be laughing at your misfortune, but haha that was v funny. This is why I am a renter in an urban area. No caulk ANYWHERE.


calking. hate it. currently putting up exterior siding. blah.


did you see Secret Agent Josephine's request for jeans help on my blog?


This weekend my friend and I were discussing our huge failures at crate training, although it seems that it was more due to our lack of will power in the face of puppy dog eyes than actual crate or dog deficiencies.

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