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April 24, 2007



Amazingly, that sounds a lot like my house. Minus the caulking.

Jerri Ann

she played you like a drum didn't she, hehehehe, that sounds like my house since we started this buying our own business ordeal


you are a fabulou writer. Your posts make me wish that Tyler TX was a little closer to....well ANYWHERE! How about hubby and I join you on your timeshare vaca????

What are your choices?


It's one of those exchange the week things - so pretty much anywhere!

That's so bad for me, though, because when I have unlimited options I think I have to pick The Best One and slowly drive myself insane. I need help!


That's awesome.

I'm so glad you admit to this - my house is often a disaster and I have no excuse other than I hate cleaning. Haven't people ever heard of calling ahead!?!?!


i don't know what your options are, but i think you should go to vancouver. i was there in october and is absolutely amazing. plus, it's pretty fashion-forward for you trendy types.

when are you going to introduce me to this skinny girl you speak of?...


Wow...the mind reels. New York?


Ha haaa! And the Mom wins this round.
You are ready for a baby, then. That is exactly how people see you after you have a baby. No matter how you tell yourself that *you* will be different.

I think you should go to Cleveland, I hear it is one of the nicest places in the world to visit, and no end of things to do.

Seriously though...you can't lose when you go to the Bahamas.


I never heard of those books. Shoot.

Haven't heard of those books, but shoot fire! there were lots of Young Adult Christian books to read!


Also, on your time share thing, go to Laguna Beach. Just because it's gorgeous and the hotels are so expensive that the only way to go is with someone else paying.


I dunno. I'm still seething about the surprise visit. I may never get over it.


I dunno. I'm still seething about the surprise visit. I may never get over it.

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