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March 19, 2007


Amy C.

I think they look GREAT.


yes; good.


which one are you again?

joking. looks awesome!


So cute!


I like the bangs but your rapper chain is kind of ghetto. You need to come home before I do something stupid......er.


Hey, you can't even SEE the rapper chain in that picture! Thanks for exposing my secret ghetto side to everyone, though.
I am in LA right now, and my brother's wife looked at me and my bangs weirdly when I arrived but DIDN'T SAY ANYTHING. That's always a bad sign.
Oh no. What have I done?


How bizarre, the remember me didn't. Remember me,feel sort of sad and forgettable somehow. I love your fringe which is what it is in England. You look so pretty and have a posh house and still you want to be my friend, do you still want Sophie? She is still absolutely available, really she is.


send her over!


Love the bangs. I can never get mine to look that good. Which reminds me yet again, need to decide on a freakin' hairstyle so I can schedule a cut. What does the rest of your hair look like? mk


Fear not for I am the "decider" and I say your bangs look wonderful.


you are so cute I am downright jealous. You can totally do the bangs. Damn you!

Bitter Sugar Pixie

Look how beautiful you are! Because you're always the voice of reason over in my comments, I expected you to look like a librarian, with a sensible shawl, glasses, and short, low-maintenance hair. But look at those fabulous bangs!


I have never been called a voice of reason by anyone, anytime.

I feel now that my life is complete.


Perhaps you are the BANGS of reason?

They are lovely. And that chain is pretty ghetto. Sorry.


You look fabulous in bangs. Is there anything you do that isn't fabulous? I'm going to get back into blogging...well at least reading...wait I may be moving and have no computer for weeks...nevermind.


Susan! I KNOW!

Ok? I know.

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