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March 27, 2007


Jerri Ann

I don't think Paris Hilton is real, just someone that the Paprazzi invented to make all that partying look like fun........hehehe


That's an interesting thought....maybe she is nothing but an airbrushed, computer-generated blonde.

It would actually be so, so, redeeming for her, if that were true.


Not quite sure how I feel about the italicized and parenthetical Arkansas-bashing.


Everyone knows that you can say ANYTHING, as long as you italicize it. Or put it inside parentheses. OBVIOUSLY.


(man, i agree elise. i was in arkansas last week, and boy, i don't like it there.)

covered my bases both ways.


We have to go through Arkansas to get home to visit family. I just have one question, why can't them make a highway go straight from one state to the next? As for Galveston, that's where I got my tattoo a gazillion years ago. Oh and here's the comment that makes me lame. (I've been on a plane once and I've never been drunk.) Wow, I'm wicked cool.


Wait, so are you saying you're uncool because you've never been drunk, or because you've never been drunk on a plane?


But...but...but...the pictures would be so wonderful with the bridesmaid dresses and the pretty cake. Ask for permission, pretty please.

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