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February 27, 2007



Your iSight makes things opposite. That is not our house. That is the exact mirror image of our house.....and I don't like it. Maybe that explains why the XX chromosomes of the world can look into a mirror and decide that they don't like what they see even though the mirror reflects them exactly. Maybe you have solved a mystery......something about the right being the left and vice versa makes it look all weird. Down with mirrors!

I think we should paint the freaking chairs.


Hmmm, I thought the house looked a little strange.

Maybe just refresh your browser some more?


I just think your house is altogether too perfect and posh and beautiful already. You definately need a teenage girl ( called Sophie) leaving noodle bowls and half filled/empty, (look how positive I am saying 'filled' first!) cups all over the floor and slorming all over chairs and sofas so that you stop caring whether they are painted or stained.Infact you might skip buying paint, just buy the paint stripper and drink it. Problems solved ( especially for me if Sophie is at you house!!) I should maybe post a picture of MY house,I sometimes lose a whole room under the junk around here, camera cord? Give up all hope.

Amy C.

I would offer an opinion, but nothing in my house matches.


You know, most computers have a nifty slot where you can slide the memory card from the camera right into the computer. No cord needed. Amazing!


i got excited when i first read that you were going to post a question that you need help answering. because, see, this is kind of my thing. turns out, i'm pretty freaking smart. not to brag, it's just the truth.

and then i read your quandry. and then i stared at the screen for five minutes, blankly. "uh oh," i thought, "it's about colors and fashion and designing and stuff". long story short: i have no idea.

however, on a more exciting note, i DID learn for the first time - via your "about me" section - that cody is a chiropractor, which means, despite the fact that i've never met him, he is my new best friend, able to re-align my crooked spine that is constantly giving me headaches.

and therein lies my answer for you: cody rocks, therefore cody knows what he's talking about, therefore you should paint the chairs. how do you like that logic?? brilliant.

speaking of fashion, i like your new layout, but the picture of the girl: is it just me or does she only have two polka dots on her dress? but again, i'm not the fashion type, so...

i should just keep going and see how long i can make this comment...


Helen: The cord, it is hopeless. And my house, posh? Oh, if only you knew the joy that statement brought to me. My house is hand-me-down central :)

Amy C: First of all, yea for the C! Secondly, if you wouldn't have STOLEN back your dining room table, I wouldn't be in this quandary in the first place.

Amy: Hardee har har. Thanks for the brilliant suggestion, but my camera DOESN'T DO THAT. Jerk.

Kyle: Maybe they aren't polka dots at all.....I'll let you ponder upon that.


Not like I'm anywhere near a design expert or anything, but I wouldn't do white. 'Cause it seems to me that it would stand out really a lot and they don't really "go" with anything at all that I'm seeing in the rooms. Actually, I was wondering more about a goldy kind of thing. Not like BRIGHT gold or anything (King Midas chairs, anyone?), but it's a thought.

Me, I'm more of a black kinda girl.

But definitely let us know what you decide. mk

p.s. Like the new look.


A few things:

1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the color of your walls. You have fabulous style, my friend.

2. If anyone can pull off mismatched table and chairs, it's you. Go for it.

3. More emphasis on the creamy, less on the white. I am thinking a nice eggnoggy color.


Eggnoggy. That sounds totally doable. Eggnog. I like eggnog.



Amy C.

If you still had our dining-room table, the chairs would be matching the table, which you don't prefer. So you're welcome.


I said I don't like them when they ALMOST match. It's like wearing blue jeans with a blue jean jacket that almost but not quite matches.

Actually, wearing blue jeans with a blue jean jacket, regardless of how well said jacket matches, is a disaster. So yes, thank you for taking the table away. I guess.

(But not really.)

Amy the table owner

You said: "I really DO like dining room sets where the chairs are completely different from the table." Which means that in your heart you genuinely are happy that you don't have a table where the chairs 100-percent match, which means that you are nonsarcastically happy you don't have kyle's table.

And I really don't know why I'm not very good at dropping issues.


It's just that your table is so dadgum cute :)


wait, what about my table? i have one of those real tall tables that are - apparently - so the rage these days. not sure if that's true or not, but the salesman sold me on it anyhow.


That's a good table. Do the chairs match?

Amy the table owner

You and Cody should come visit so that you can eat on the table.


Now THAT is a good plan.


Are you using lithium batteries? Because those will make a WORLD of difference. More pictures, please! I love to see how others live.

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