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February 06, 2007



yikes, dreams like that are the worst. only, in my case, dreaming about clothes doesn't happen. like, at all. in fact, purely dreaming about clothes, no matter the context of the dream, would be a nightmare.

i have two types of recurring dreams:
(1) i am late to a gig and am walking up on stage and trying to set up my equipment in front of everybody as the rest of the band is starting to play. then i never know the setlist.
(2) i am in college and somehow have neglected to go a certain class all semester long. then, the last week of classes, i freak out and wonder if i can still pass the class. actually, this was probably inspired by real life.

i also dream in color.


I don't know why but most of my nap dreams tend to be anxiety-ridden. Any hints as to why that is so?

you may say that i'm a schemer

When I dream, I do not dream in color. Instead, I dream of a world in which color does not define us, who we are, what job we have, what our credit scores are.

I believe Dr. King and I had that in common.


only 5% of the population dreams in color.

Teacher A

Actually, most people nowdays report that they dream in color. I, for one, always dream in vivid color and have only met one person who dreams in black and white.

While I was looking for a statistic on what per cent of the population dreams in color, I ran across a very interesting article on the subject (http://www.faculty.ucr.edu/~eschwitz/SchwitzAbs/DreamB&W.htm). Might be worth a look.


I also HATE nap dreams! Totally ruins the nap.

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