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February 14, 2007



Wow! This was an amazing story. You know...the woman was a pro and she deserves whatever happens. White, black, brown...whatever.


What absolute bare faced cheek! I am always so stunned by people who can do this, maybe steal and then almost get caught? Wouldn't that make most people never try THAT again???? To come back right after she saw that you had sussed her! Wow, don't feel at all bad about her getting caught, you did the snotty shop owners a huge favour, you too! Shame that she has probably made you more likely to follow the scruffy ones around more. Dammit.

Sugar Pixie

Good people try not to be biased. When you get robbed by a minority, or a scruffy-looking individual, or a teenager, it puts you in a bad position mentally. Shouldn't you have known to follow the minority/homeless guy/stupid kid around the store, just in case? Or would that have made you biased and a bad person?

On one hand, the cost of a few shirts, if only once in a while, can be a fair price to pay for the peace of mind you'll have about yourself- that you don't pass judgement and you won't follow people around your store unless they've stolen before. On the other hand, you're not selling Fairness. You're selling clothing. That's a lot to think about, and I'm sorry you're in the position to think about it.

Did you get the jackets back?


Ugh, I am so sorry this happened to you. It seems like you did the right thing at every turn of the story...I just hope it doesn't happen again. At least not anytime soon!


I, for one, can't believe! she kept coming BACK. I mean, really, who does that?

On a plus side, apparently your clothes are very desirable. : )


i'm not sure about in a women's prison, but i don't think valentine's day would be very enjoyable in a men's prison. if i got roses from my cellmate, i'd be making a break for it before my next shower.


so much for the day of love.

it always amazes me how, when thiefs get caught, they turn so viciously on the person (or people) that caught them.

good luck with the follow up and the trial, and all that. and welcome back!


hi elise - it's devi, from kyle & amy's wedding. hope you had a great weekend in california.. and trust all your merchandise was safe and sound when you got back to tyler.

Liesel Elliott

I just found your blog from your comment on finslippy. I love your writing. I'm sorry you had to call the cops on her. I know something like that not only ruins your day but puts a damper on your feelings for your other customers.

Keep writing, I want to read more!


I also found you through your comment on Finslippy. Your writing is excellent. I will be back!

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