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January 08, 2007



This is how out of the "young kids' television loop" I am because I have no idea who Pedro is. None whatsoever.


Pedro is no one! I once believed that he was a penguin, but, having recently been thrown INTO the loop, was shown otherwise by the 2-year old who currently lives with me.

Pablo. Pablo is the penguin.




I think, where penguins are concerned, I am sticking with Pingu, he doesn't speak. We like things that don't speak. Manic penguins we can live without. Definately.


I tend to take Pablo's side on this deal. He may freak out, but I bet you had no idea he was, by his own admission, a soccer monster. He clearly explains in his song that he would "rather play soccer than do anything at all". I happen to think that is kind of awesome and I respect him for it. It sounds to me like the moose needs the counseling. He thinks he can stop runaway animals or trains or something by playing a cowboy polka on his tuba. Dude is wrought with issues. No wonder his friend is reaching the melting point.


The bigger question is what the hell are a penguin, a hippo, a moose, a kangaroo, and an alien doing in ANYONE'S backyard????? mk


i deduce that perhaps there is a collective lack of intelligence within the group. pablo's problems - while seemingly severe - don't dissaude the rest of the group from constantly following his lead. they appear to lack any pattern recognition abilities. you know, "yeah, he totally wigged out last time, maybe he shouldn't be our expedition leader this time around". this sort of self-destructive behavior is bound to catch up with them one day, when they blindly follow pablo as he decides to pet a baby grizzly.


Nathan - go back, try again, and remember your phonics. You can do it!

Helen - I still don't know about Pingu. I don't think we have him here

Cody - I have NEVER heard Pablo say anything about soccer. Are you still lying?

Markira - not only are they IN the backyard, they SHARE the backyard. Weird.

Kyle - LOL


The episode is "Monster Detectives" (episode 18, season 1), in which Pablo is the "fearsome" soccer monster and Tyrone is the monster detective retrieving Uniqua's soccer ball from Pablo's castle.

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