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January 18, 2007



I like it.

Also, I find that ass on sofa/feet on ottoman/iBook in lap/cup of tea at elbow is the best possible writing position. For what it's worth.


this all reminds me...are you happy with your Macbook purchase?


I hope you get a chaise lounge and enjoy it, because you will most certainly be lounging in a chair of disaster soon. Very soon. And the chair will then pay homage to the great and wonderful backyardigans, who you have so carelessly mocked.

Oh, and you should read an article in the Economist regarding new online systems that are eclipsing Microsoft Office that even lowly mac users can access.

But mostly demise!!!

anastasia beaverhausen

I sit and open the drawer of my nearby filing cabinet so that I can prop my feet on it. Like a little footstool. Works great.


you could use Open Office instead of Microsoft Office. It's open source software so it's totally free, and you could totally free yourself from everything Microsoft.



I am the very deal on comfy laptopping. Big soft leather chair, big soft leather footstool, paltop on on of those laptrays with beanbaggy type bottom. Feet up, lap top perfect position, am in heaven, especially when I find you have updated and I have some new reads!


So I started reading this, and immediately there was laughter because I *am* sitting Indian-style in my chair. I'm actually pretty comfy, too. I also go back and forth with the one-foot-under-the-other-leg position, and if I am just reading, as opposed to typing, I will sometimes prop my feet up on the corner of the desk (although this is a good way to cut off my circulation, because I am double-jointed in my knees and they usually lock backwards when I do that).

My problem (or, more specifically, ONE of my problems--by far not the only one) is that I am short-legged, and when I have the chair at the right height for my typing, etc, my feet don't touch the floor. And I haven't gotten around to getting a footstool or anything that would make sense.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who has "position issues." ;) mk


I still have a box from a recent move at work under my desk so I can prop my feet up on it while I type. But the only way to truly get comfortable this way is to kick off my shoes. It drives my boss nuts! :)


So, I continue to check your blog to see if there are any NEW POSTS PLEASE, and I laugh each and every time because I keep forgetting about this most recent post and yet each time I am SITTING INDIAN STYLE IN MY CHAIR!

Thought about you last night when I did the backwards-locking-of-knees thing, too.


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