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January 30, 2007



Does checking your blog every single day (at least once, sometimes more than that) qualify me as a weird stalker-y person?

Cause I would hate to think you hate me for that. :D mk


LOL, Markira :)

No, believe me, you are not the one of the stalkerish types to whom I was referring. In fact, that term applies to one person only and they aren't an internet-y person at all, but a real life one.

Which makes the stalking so much worse, you know?


love: that apparently everyone on the internet is currently whiny, so we are all in good company.

hate: that I am turning 26 soon, and fear that I will have the same feeling about it as you

happy belated bday!


Love: Janet! And the fact that she will do the whole love and hate thing in the comments. Yea, Janet!

Hate: Age 26. I think it might suck.


Hate, people who are mere babies of 26 saying they feel old when I am 45 in July, am ancient.
Hate mornings too, because the face that looked 44 at bedtime looks 367 in the morning. Really am ancient.
Love whining on other peoples' blogs. Hoorah.

Sugar Pixie

Happy Birthday! Whine away!


Wait...you're 26? *sigh*

I guess you won't want to be my friend anymore because I'm....uh...nevermind.


Love: That Helen is so deliciously British

Love: SUGAR PIXIE TOTALLY COMMENTED ON MY SITE. Oh my goodness, I love me some Pixie.

Love: Wordgirl. Hilarious wordgirl :)

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