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December 27, 2006



that is better birth control than the IUD I am scheduled to get next week


Oh you lightweight!! 'Fraid you won't get a bit of sympathy from me, I got me 3 under 6s and 2 teenagers, one 2 year old belonging to someone else is playing!! Was christmas great though? I am happy it is over, if we ever get out from under all the new toys we will be happy to welcome the new year. Happy New year to you!


Ahh, so maybe THAT explains your absence for the past 10 days or so! Welcome back! ...Sorry about the 2-year-old thing. I have no advice on how to deal, but rest assured that I pity you BIG TIME.


death is imminent.

i mean, not necessarily from this, just eventually. have a good day!


Heh heh heh.

No, no, I'm not laughing! Much.


Yes, but *I'M* laughing. A lot. BWAHAHAHAHAAAAA

Seriously, though, the good thing for you is that you can WALK AWAY when the temper tantrums start. Just leave it to the parents. You lucky, lucky soul.

Two-year-olds will teach you all you need to know. Just be prepared for endless repetition.

And be sure to blog lots. mk


OK, look. It's been four days, and there is NO WAY you have lived with a two-year-old in your house for that long without having SEVERAL blog-worthy stories, so c'mon. Share.

Also? Happy New Year.



I agree with Markira, I know you have loads to tell us....did Pingu numb your brain yet? Have the wiggles sent your last nerve to another planet? WE await your tales with baited breath.
Oh and Happy New YEAR!


Hey girl! Jsut thought I'd pop in and say hey! Well as far as living with a 2 year old? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Can you say Benadryl? lol


Uh...it's been so long I can't even remember. A two-year-old what? Boy or girl?

sarcastic journalist

I. Am. Sorry.

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