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December 15, 2006



ohmahGAWD!! that is so not right!it's people like that that reinforce my dream of being a hermit on sme far-off mountain range.


That is unbelievable. Actually, wait, sadly enough, it is totally believable. People have gotten so bizarre. And not in a good way.

How are party plans going? I just went to a thing last night, not an actual party, but there was food, and got recipes for a fantastic chutney dip, and crostini with sundried tomatoes and goat cheese spread. Mucho yummo. I am willing to share if desired. mk


HA! That's awesome! I just love stories about that crazy lady!


one time there was a military jacket that i was going to buy. the only problem is that is was $80, and for me, a guy, i couldn't bring myself to spend that on clothes. so i waited. one day i saw a sign that said "50% off all outerwear"! I thought, "ah perfect". I went in to purchase said jacket only to discover that, before the sale began, they had marked the same jacket up to $160.

i can't say whether or not this is particularly relevant to your story, but i know that it's not NOT relevant. hmm...


Dan and I went into a store yesterday, as we walked in the owner said " Oh great, all day I sit around and not a customer, as soon as I start the window, in they come, I may as well forget it all"
To which we said
" Carry on with your damn window, perhaps you should ask yourself why you get no customers all day!" and walked out.


I love it when you regale us with stories of the Former Shop-Owner from Hell! That's so unbelievable...


oh my, and you had no idea this is what you were getting into when you bought it? that is the Crazee, for sure.


OK, it's Monday. I must know. How did the party go? mk


Oh my god--really? Is that really a true story? Because it is AWESOME.


Last winter, my mother-in-law was shopping at a chichi boutique here in OKC when she came across a St. John suit marked $125.00. Which just seemed . . . wrong.

So she asked the saleswoman, who found a manager, who said . . .

"Our mistake. So sorry." And sold her the suit, which was SUPPOSED to be marked $1,250.00 for . . .

$125.00. Now THAT'S customer service. Also dumb luck.


Are you there? IS it over yet? Can you put your feet up and have an egg nog or whatever you people in the US do when it is christmas? I somehow feel I am missing out having never had egg nog. Have a great one, hope everything is blissfully christmassy and peaceful for you. Helen.


Every time I think people and their stupidity can't surprise me any more...I get surprised again.

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