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December 04, 2006



OH. MY. GOD. Those wild hogs are the butt-ugliest things EVER!


"kill'em for FREE!" haha!

Those do look really scary! Is there some kind of anti-hog whistle/call/yell thing you could learn that will scare them away as they charge at you?


Yipes, I thought it was alive and just staring at you for a second.. but the beer can picture really cleared that up for me.

Season 1 was good, but now? I wouldn't watch it unless it were to take the piss out of it all. Although I do that with most shows (Greys being an exception) so...


Oh, dear Lord! Check out the size of those things in that guy's pictures!!! Horrifying!! How great to picture you...kneeling on the side of the road by a dead boar with your digital camera. Someone should have taken a picture of THAT.


Hello my long lost blogging friend! I'm trying to catch up on everything. Anyway. Grey's Anatomy became my addiction last year, damn super bowl and then I developed an unhealthy obsession with House. I even had a dream about him the other night. You know one of THOSE dreams. I have a problem! HAHA


LOST does not suck, and it is not plotless. The plot slows down a bit in seasons 2 and 3, but the strength of the show has always been the characters and their development.

The show refuses to churn out rapid plot progression at the expense of its rich characters. If it did, it would be called 24.

merry mama



You know what's super fun? Try jogging in the wee hours, enjoying the peace and dewy coolness only to almost trip over one of those Smelly Masses of Mean! Good thing I had my running shoes on and I didn't have to pee. Oh, and I knew to make reeeeally sharp turns. Gets 'em every time. :-)


Yeah, I saw one as big as my car once. Everyone says I was on something that night, but I have never been on something. I almost had a heart attack right in the road. I suppose it was my punishment for being out, alone, in the middle of the night, in the middle of these piney woods. haha (I'm from east Texas, too.)

the Narcissist

Hilarious - maybe he gives out boar bacon as a thank you for having him out.

sarcastic journalist

Hurray for Texas! Also, I bet PETA would love a link to this post.

Do you have the people up there that stop their trucks and put the dead roadkill deer in the back to bring home and eat?

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