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December 12, 2006


Teacher Anonymous

Love: At one New Year's party my (now ex-) Aunt made Jello shooters in these plastic syringes so you could just squirt them into your mouth. It was awesome.

Hate: Too much or too little seating. Either everyone is standing or everyone is sitting. Mixed just doesn't work that well.


all i can say is IRONIC! because...

Love: wine in a box, strained conversation, being forced, as a group, to watch the home videos of the hosts

Hate: mango mojitos, avocado bars, and salsa music



ok, now that I've looked up mojitos and know what they are (it's been a long, long time since I've been to a decent party)...have to say, I'd probably like raspberry mojitos better, but that's me.

Having just finished some (unfortunately, without the rum), how about eggnog? With elaborately iced sugar cookies and maybe some naughty gingerbread men?

What time is this party, anyway? mk


So, Kyle, you're coming, right?

MK - the party starts at 7 in the evening. Very proper-like.


Love: when people at the party have to earn their drinks by performing initially simple but increasingly wacky tasks (that way you can monitor the overall alcoholic intake by the feats one must perform to get a drink).

Hate: tiki torch elimination ceremonies.


Am no help at all, unless your guests are going to be an average age of 4 in which case I have all the ideas in the world, I forget about socialising with adults, I think I used to like it...if I came to your party I'd be happy just to stare at a room full of grown ups. Sad isn't it?


Well, hopefully my guests will feel the same as you, Helen.

Because at this rate, that's all they're going to be doing.


I can't help you. I'm still in with the keg-party crowd. haha


love: fondue of any kind, champagne, mini quiches, candlelight

hate: fruitcake, boring drink mixers, bright lighting

Amy H.

love: gifts, and the opportunity to sit down since my social anxiety is heightened by the combination of standing + small talk, which leads to increased body temperature, which leads to the fear of sweating, which leads to even more anxiety. surely there are others out there who are like that too.

hate: skits revolving around slapstick comedy


Ok, so plenty of seating, check. Candles, check. Umm, either champagne or jello shots....I wonder if I could combine the two?


i say red wine, not in a box! i've never been to a party with bottles of wine that was bad. NEVER. i have been to several jello shot events that have left me scarred for life. if you want some wine suggestions that are fairly cheap, i could talk your ear off.

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