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December 08, 2006



I actually recite that little rule in my head whenever I write "its." I am a pathetic little being.

Four hours to rearrange cookbooks. wow. Somebody needs to sort out their priorities.

Get better soon, 'cause I tagged you over at my place. Well, that and because it totally sucks being sick and I don't want that for you. There, that sounds a little more caring. :D mk


I can see that now I am going to spend the next 4 hours fretting over someone spending 4 hours rearranging cookbooks, she could borrow Eli for 10 minutes, he'd do the job for her in a flash! Get better, and do it quickly if you please!

Jerri Ann

OUr entire house is also sick...which is the only time I have 4 spare hours and I prefer to spend those getting well, hehehe! It and It's and Its happens to be one of the few rules I could remember and follow. I break most all rules regularly!


mise en place: everything in it's right place.

i hear that every day.


I had to get my abbreviations down when I started teaching my class of 6 year olds in January this year -- I didn't want to be the one responsible for a lifetime of its and it's and its' (hahaha) confusion!!


Feel better!

Teacher A

When people mix those up, this little song from Homestar Runner pops into my head:

Oh, if you want it to be possesive,
It's just 'ITS.'
But, if it's supposed to be a contraction
Then it's 'I-T-apostrophe-S.'

Mwa ha. Love it. Anyway, back when I was I child, I used to spend hours on dark winter nights reorganizing my parents' CDs. Can you tell that they severely restricted TV viewing, and that they wouldn't buy me books? If I didn't get myself to the library, I was really screwed. Hence the organizing.


I can't get past this 4 hours spent on arranging cookbooks. How many cookbooks does this person have, anyway? I only own 3 cookbooks myself. 22 seconds is more than sufficient for my own cookbook arrangement needs.


Allison, I ALSO only own three cookbooks! And two of them are for desserts!

Although I can spend an hour rearranging all the stuff in my freezer, because that's where dinner comes from when you don't own any cookbooks.

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