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November 16, 2006



Love: Damien Rice, 9.

Hate: How genius Damien Rice is.

Love: That I finally stuck it to those idiot TV producers on my blog.

Hate: That the aforementioned TV producers makes millions of bucks for nothing.

Love: That I have a fully functioning recording studio twenty paces away from where I sit.

Hate: The guilt that comes when I don't do any work in the studio for a day.

Love: The great rhythm of this Love and Hate game.

Hate: That I can't stop.

[Added: Hate: That I can't use HTML in this comment box.]
ed: Ha! Now you can't hate on the HTML


you claim your html works now... let's test it:

Rock n roll ain't noise pollution
Rock n roll ain't gonna die
Rock n roll ain't noise pollution
Rock n roll it will survive
Yes it will

kind of, no images though

oh yes, there was an image that was supposed to go along with that quote.


Hi Elise! I'm glad you found me! I'm at the Southern California University of Health Sciences. I'm with your husband on everything that he dislikes. I especially hate high heels but for different reasons - I can't walk well in really high heels and look like a stumbling drunkard and feel like I tower over everyone else when I wear the ones that I can actually walk ok in. I'm 5'9 but most of the guys in my class aren't much taller. Hey does your hubby have his nipples pierced and if so then does he take his shirt off in front of others and rub them? Does he spend hours looking into the mirror while flexing? I'm wondering if all chiropractors have these traits or if some of my classmates are just way too into themselves. I blame their mothers for their extraordinarily high self-esteem.


What? Nathan is getting married?! That's awesome!

I'll list my hates/likes later on...


Love: eating chili.

Hate: the night that follows a day of eating chili.

Love: that the rain stopped.

Hate: that it's supposed to rain again tomorrow.

Love: giant jars of peanut butter.

Hate: corporate picnics. ;-)


speaking of picnics, i hate corporate.....anything.

check out this totally uncomfortable corporate moment if you haven't seen it.



Ok heres a few for ya!

love= The smell of my 5 month old baby's head

hate= The smell of someones elses kisses on his head! LOL

love= My rock, my husband

hate= My lastest post on my blog. Its my update on the surgery.

love= Wine

hate= Being without wine! LMAO

love= the euphoria after working out

hate= waiting

love= the quiet in the really wee hours of the morning, the smell of coffee


Ok I'll leave it at that! We all should make a tradition out of love and hate each friday! Maybe with a theme each week!

I'm still waiting for a picture with you in those damn skinny pants that you have decided are NOT the enemy! LMAO


Love: The Holiday Season.
Hate: Shopping for said Holiday Season.
'nuff said.


Love....coal fires and the sound of rain outside.
Hate....mean people.
Love .... funny blogs and clever people that always seem to write exactly what I think.
Hate... anon and mean comments on blogs.
Love....that feeling of complete relaxation right before you fall asleep.
Love...reading in bed.
I could sit here all night filling your comments section with things all about me, love it.


Nothing wrong with a little bit of cheese. I say it's quite healthy, actually.



Didn't you know you could eat at Sam's. Pretty cheaply too. That's kinda like a date.


We did!


Love: The fact that we have a week off for Thanksgiving.

Hate: The fact that every single day has something planned so there's no real room for serious goofing off.


It's a week late but I will do this on my blog. Maybe it will cheer me up or depress me more....we'll see!


i miss elise.

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