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November 25, 2006



Black Friday is so called because, as the kickoff day of the busy holiday season, it was the day that retailers could anticipate going from "in the red" to "in the black" for the year.

Others (usually those IN retailing) refer to it satirically as a "black" day because of the insane crowds and high levels of stress.

markira =)
(who is just a FONT of trivia like this)



Why do I not know this? I am such a dumbass.


I would also like some party pants, please.


This is quite obviously what the customer wanted:


Elise, you should definitely get some for your store!


that link made me laugh.

elise, how goes the novel??


It's totally done!

Oh, it isn't? Not even really started, actually?

Let's see, I'm thinking something about a dark and mysterious man named Kyle, making his way through the perils of parties with no party pants.

Never call me out on my blog again, Kyle. I won't stand for it.


Oh my god. Thank you. Brilliant. Your stories are hilarious. I'll cross my fingers that there be an impressive influx of ingenues wanting to shop while in town to visit their grandmothers, members of the Coalition of Really Old Ladies.


I actually think you should have a weekly spo to tell us about the customers and their insanity, also, please don't stay away so long,some of us don't have lives you know!


sorry for calling you out elise. i wouldn't have if... well, if i had known...

as far as the party pants go, i don't know what that means. but i'm pretty sure i don't own any, nor do i want to.


Ummm....is this woman one of those wenches who thinks that by repeating the same thing over and over it will make more sense? Party pants! Party pants! I'm surprised you didn't have nightmares about it that night.


it's a wonder you don't drink...or don't drink more.


Oh man, that mother daughter conversation made me snort out my water. Seriously? I mean, SERIOUSLY? I have no more words. SERIOUSLY.

I have so much respect for people in retail, having worked in it for a fair few years. Bloody customer always being right..

Bring on the party pants!


Party Pants? Like "Hey you wanna have a party in my pants?" LMAO Whata freak!!


Hot pants maybe?

Gotta love retail.


Party pants? My guess would be something in the vicinity of pleather. You can't really have a good party without pleather. And SURELY you carry pleather in your store, right??? Geez, Elise. Seems pretty obvious to me, and I'm not even in the fashion business.


That was hilarious. I thought of you yesterday when I drove past a billboard for that pink tab energy drink. Now I'm off to score some adderall and get to work on an eating disorder.


Ahh, Tab Energy. The Nectar of the Gods.


Wow. It sounds like you were on Candid Camera. Or, that MTV show Boiling Point.
I would not have handled that woman as well as you. That's why I left retail.


Ah, all the REALLY CORDIAL shoppers come out from under their rocks for holiday shopping. How lucky are we all. ; )

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