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November 07, 2006



Oh yeah, I got one too. I was about 21, hanging out with my uncle just as he was leaving for the weekend, I was staying at their house to take care of my cousins, when he says,
"You can have your boyfriend over you know. You're old enough, we don't mind."
me-"Oh, ok. If you guys don't mind I'll see if he'll want to stop by later. Thanks."
him-"Yeah, just no having sex in front of the kids is all."
::awkward silence::
: )


oh how annoying, I know I must have a catalogue of moments to share but have gone blank and now will drive myself crazy until I come up with some.
OH OH!!! The uncle....talking to my mum about where we scattered dad's ashes said " So, you gonna take me to where you dumped him then?" Don't you just love some people??

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