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November 15, 2006



i'm slightly ashamed - but not really - to say that this comment has nothing to do with the above t-shirt, although it is quite humorous.

this comment has to do with the fact that i shipped a client's final mixes from the studio - a big and expensive deal! - yesterday, but while at the post office, i literally and honestly got very nervous and agitated when i realized i had to ship them overnight UPS. i immediately thought of your ordeal and could forsee them getting there late (if at all) and throwing his whole project off deadline. i still haven't heard if they've made it yet. but thanks for scaring me with the thought of UPS' awful service.


I will not apologize for truth-telling.

UPS should apologize!! And I really, really hope your client gets his stuff.

Because for all you know they might now be re-routed to their destination city of... Long Beach. Or Denver. Or, you know. Mexico City.


OMG! I've never been happier about anything...ever!!! That's awesome. How'd you do that, by the way?


I'll never reveal my sources.


Totally cool. Do they come in colors other than pink?


Of course! We will also offer the top in puke yellow AND brown.

And probably green. I like green.


they say geniuses pick green.


Well, how 'bout it then, who's up for the green?


Dude! I want me a black one!

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