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November 13, 2006



What??? Chick-Fil-A isn't open on Sunday? Eating chicken on Sunday is against the law or something? And no...I've not had dirty chicken. I'm fairly certain I don't want to have it, either.


i completely understand! it made me cringe just thinking about it. it's like getting a bad peanut m&m, but approximately 23,904 times worse.


Ewwww! Dirty chicken -- that's the perfect name for the taste. Never had that experience with Chick-Fil-A, but have on occasion with the McChicken at McDonalds. McGross!


that saddens me deeply. as someone who partakes in chick-fil-a quite regularly - i always crave it on Sunday also! - i can say that i have never had a particularly bad sandwich there.

although i'd stay away from the chick-fil-a in the brownwood, tx mall.


I know exactly what you mean! Although I am happy that it's never happened to me at chic-fil-a because it would just cause the dream to die and oy! that would be terrible!


ACK! I know what you mean. Did you create an even worse stink than the chicken? Did they give you a years free dinners? did they?


Asking if we've ever "tasted the dirty chicken" sounds...well...dirty. The Chicken will forever be perverted now. I think the question would look good on a t-shirt, though. Maybe you should think about that.


Yucky!!! I'm so grossed out now. No more chick-fil-yuck for me for awhile! Damn! I so don't trust McD's chicken sandwiches, they need to stick to hamburgers and french fries, now Wendy's does a great spicy chicken!

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