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November 10, 2006



UPS is the worst compnay in the world. i ordered fairly regularly from a company that always shipped UPS and i never got a package on time. they also hid their shipping facility address and phone number from the public and i lied to a nice old lady at a UPS store (told her it was medicine? bad, heather. bad.) to get the number/address, drove there, and told a guy off. ... and got my package two days later. but i felt better.

also, a few months ago jeff's then-roommates left on tour and the drummer forgot his kick pedal. jeff "overnighted" it for a small $71 fee so that it would be at their show in new orleans. it came back to his old house a month after we moved to colorado. awesome.


no, but I'M near Long Beach, CA! wonder if they'd let me have it....muh-hahahahaha!

Teacher A

UPS is evil. Not just to the customers, but also to their management. They can't even get their drivers to move up to management anymore, just because they know that the company will make their lives miserable right before they hit retirement age, in hopes that they will quit (so that the company doesn't have to pay their retirement or give them the stock options they used to entice them up to management in the first place). I've got a relative who's worked there his whole career, and he's only seen two guys retire (he's currently trying to beat the system, but it looks like it's going to cost him his marriage).


I grew up in New Mexico, and went to college in Ohio. The first week of classes, a guy said to me, "New Mexico is the state next to Florida, right?"

I would make a crack about how he works for UPS now, but he doesn't; he works for CNN. Which isn't much better.


Ha! Susan, that was totally unexpected, and totally a wicked burn.

Nice one!

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