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November 05, 2006



My dad does things like wearing his shirt inside out. It's so funny!


oh my that is hilarious. I live in a dark little basement apartment (gah, I hate it) and have been known to put on odd combinations of colors and then get to work and be like WTF was I thinking?!?


Once my Dad put on my Mom's jeans and wore them to work. On a construction site. He didn't even know until he came home from work and I caught him hitching them up around his waist. Interesting creatures, men.


My oldest son is like this. Kind of like the absent-minded professor. When he was little, nary a week would pass that he didn't wear soccer shorts or t-shirts inside out or backwards. Or both. Thing is...it never bothered him.


Too funny! lol I'm so glad that you have Cody to humor us daily! LOL


I think sometimes husbands are a lot funnier than kids, because husbands are adults and should know better. Plus, a girl can make fun of her husband for putting on his shirt backwards and inside-out...but she'd just be considered a "mean mommy" if she made fun of her child for the same thing.


Too funny! Michael is famous for putting on t-shirts inside out and backwards. Maybe it's a testosterone thing...?

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