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November 06, 2006



When a step-relative (none of us were emotionally attached) died, my mother and various others -- my uncles, my dad, my brother, and Kyle -- were all sitting around in the lobby during the casket viewing. We were (rudely) laughing, then one of us comments that maybe we should "quiet it down," and the Aunt (who isn't soft-spoken) says: "It's not like we're gonna wake 'er up."

(And which uncle said that to you??)


I hardly ever see my extended family on my dad's side, and while they are for the most part nice people, they are known for being a bit odd and not participating in conventional things such as, oh, RSVPing for weddings. My sister found that one out the hard way. I am kinda half expecting some random uncle to show up at my wedding with no notice.


My Uncle. 73, NEver married,not attractive, not funny, fat, balding, lump on head and scaley arms. Without fail he hugs me ( too hard, too long) and says " Come 'ere you, PHWARRRR! If I wasn't your uncle......" OMG.


really i just got caught up in thinking about how awful those graduations are. i sat in (most likely) the very place you did, one year later, and endured the same thing for jeremy. luckily jeff was in a wedding for my sister in law's (this past may) and we didn't have to go... again.


Oddly enough, I also dread seeing one of my husband's uncles. Not only do you not have any idea whether or not he's drunk or sober at any given time, you also cannot say ANYTHING in front of him without him turning it sexual. For example: some completely innocent comments I made at last year's famliy Christmas get-together were met with replies like this. "Oh, you like to be on top, huh? (Insert loud laugh) and "What...does Josh not pleasure you enough?" (Loud laugh.) Mind you, this was at the FAMILY Christmas party.

Susan Wagner

This year, I dread seeing my husband's family (yes! all of them!) because I will have to explain over and over again why ONE of my children is in a Catholic school and the other isn't. And I will have to explain that no, we're NOT going back to the Catholic church, and no, Henry will NOT be going to St. Whatsis next year because he has a learning disability, and yes it's sort of like autism but not really and no he will NOT outgrow it and no I don't think his vaccinations "caused" it and . . . .

I drink a lot when I'm around my in-laws. God love them.

the wack

If I don't have any annoying relatives that make me uncomfortable...does that mean that I am "that" relative? oh crap....I guess I am.

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