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October 28, 2006



You're not a Benedict Arnold but you do suck for being able to wear them. As far as I'm concerned if your comfortable then you look fabulous and you probably look fabulous.


well, to comment honestly we may need a picture so we can say "hoorah, splendid U turn" or...."....silence" in which case you would just know, skinny jeans are truly from the devil. Anything with the name 'skinny' attached sort of makes me cross, apart from skinny cow ice cream, that is the exception to the rule.


wearing them. right now.

Susan Wagner

I'm still skeptical about skinny jeans, but I did a total 180 last summer about Bermuda shorts, so I'll give you this one.

And yes! Pictures! I'm with Helen.


Ok, but I can't imagine anything scarier than posting a picture, the sole purpose of which would be to let people determine whether or not my THIGHS LOOK MASSIVELY HUGE.

Or, you know, only kind of huge.


Sarcastic Journalist

The skinny jeans...no. I can't do them, even though I have pretty thin legs.

Also, planning ahead in this new writing gig works well.

Trust me. Of course, I'm here if you need help.


i want skinny jeans! I'm very happy to hear that you consider yourself a normal person and you love your skinny heans. wahoo. i'll be going to get some this week. ;)
(surfing by via nablopomo btw)

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