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October 25, 2006



CONGRATS GIRL!!!!! Thas awesome!! Hell your writing makes me want to buy clothes!!! Its all your fault that my credit card is maxed !LOL nah just kidding your just a little to blame! Hell why not write about something that you love! You go girl!


Congrats! What a fabulous girl for a fabulous girl. Off to check it out...

Amy H.

Way to go, Elise!


Congrats thats awesome! One of these days I'm going to actually try to get an online job. It would be nice to have that extra income. Maybe I'll have to shake you down for tips! Congrats again!


Hoorah, she says in a pathetically jealous kind of way, laptop...posh. Job # 2 impressive and cool.


I have been waiting for the day when someone, anyone would use the word "posh" in relation to me.

Yea for you, Helen! You're making my British dreams come true, one day at a time.


Oh you so ARE posh, posh shop, posh house, new laptop....you are the epitome of posh girl!


WOW, congratulations! That's awesome! I'm gonna go look RIGHT NOW.


I'm so jealous!! I miss writing for money so much. I do think the two jobs compliment each other. Good for you!


I love my Internet friends. You girls are so nice!!

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