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October 13, 2006



I am going to spend all evening working out what clippety could mean. pp is probably panting pedophile.....

Amy H.

Well, I was like: "Well, I'M sure not going to laugh." And then I forgot I was determined not to laugh and ended up laughing at "CLOP ... As in clippity-clop."

woman, you crack me up....havent laughed like this is in a long time........thx.......



I forgot how incredibly funny Finslippy is. I think I had forgotten about her...thanks for reminding me. I, too, would have laughed out loud, but I'm at work...and everyone would have accused me of not working if they overheard me. There is absolutely nothing funnier than making non-sexual things sexual. No wonder 16 year old boys are always laughing.


I love her!!! I read everyday! I found her thru you!


Ok that was laugh out loud funny. I agree.

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