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October 19, 2006



do not doubt your desires! The Macbook is totally the way to go. Me, my FI, my best friend, and 2 cousins all recently converted, and we are so happy.

I would reccomend upgrading the RAM to 1GB and I would invest in AppleCare for 3 years just for peace of mind. Lemme know if you have more Qs?

the wack

i've been happy with my ibook now for 3 years. I suggest getting the smallest model. Much easier to lug around than the bigger models.


I know H weeps at the very sight of an macbook.HE hearts them and wants one very badly.
I drove past a beautiful lamp shop today and saw a lamp that matches your listed rug and wallpaper, I almost took a pciture but then thought how I would look like a mad stalker woman who does nothing but think of peoples' blogs which is exactly what I am of course, just didn't want to look like one.
I am going to write an 'I want this' list, I am greedier than you though and I suspect have less good taste.


yeah seriously, you basically just described a mac. i was a bit weary at first over the macbooks (being the first generation of them, i thought i would wait and let them work out the bugs that there inevitably will be), but so far i've only heard good things with very few problems.

i've had my iBook for going on 3 years now, and it still works perfectly, no problems.


I'd like one, too, while you're at it. =)

Susan Wagner

I love my iBook more than I love my children.



i don't even need to comment. you know my recc's.

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