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October 21, 2006



Those shoes? They are ADORABLE. And you look gorgeous!

And Big Tex -- well, we're agreed that he's very, VERY scary (probably even more scary in person, when he's looming over your head).

Sarcastic Journalist

In case you were wondering, bloggers are supposed to be chubby slobs in their PJs.

You are doing a disservice to all of us by looking so damn cute.

Amy H.

Ohhh! I love your dress.


Ok so I'm calling a clothing foul! Is it just me or is Cody wearing black shoes with blue socks and blue pants? Oh and BTW you look
FABULOUS!! Am totally digging those shoes!


You are so adorable it made me a teeny bit sick. Its just not even right! Just kidding. You are adorable, sweet and intelligent, did anyone ever tell your husband he married the complete package?

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