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October 15, 2006


Amy H.

I find Cody -- and ALL Carter men, actually -- to be annoying. Especially when they are winning in Fantasy Football and I am not.


Cody is obviously the annoyer, and you are the annoyee. It is NOT THAT DIFFICULT to wipe up the hair bits. Well, not that difficult for me, anyway. Apparently there is something about having a penis that makes basic tasks like this nearly impossible.


My roommates like to do similar things. I would say that every time I see it, I am annoyed, and therefore become annoying. So I guess everyone loses.


Absolutely him that wins the annoying prize, twice, because he does that male thing of turning it around, they all do that, always. Use his razor to shave your legs and leave the stubble in it, that'll show him.


oooh LOOK! I just saw ME on your link list, am I famous?? Hoorah!


my own darling sweet adorable man does the same thing. IN.HIS.BATHROOM. and i am annoyed. so, i handle it in the most mature way i can...by sighing loudly & repeatedly as i clean up the mess.


You win, Elise. Hands down. There is nothing grosser in the world than hair that is not attached to one's body. Hair on the counter...Hair on the floor...Hair in the bathtub...Hair in your oatmeal. Unacceptable all around. Unacceptable and certainly unforgivable.

the cody in question

Ummmm, you are the annoying one. Give the poor bastard a break. I have some inside sources investigating whether any of that stuff is even true. It sounds made up.


The annoying one here is the razor. Didn't anyone ever think to create a razor that doesn't shed its aftermath on the sink/counter/floor/mirror. And Cody is annoying. And you are too. And Jill. And the new cat is really annoying. And Theresa's cats. And Drew Bledsoe. And snow peas.


Ummm So maybe we should leave this to the family! LMAO nothing like family love baby!!! lol Well if Cody ever wants anything resembling sex again, maybe he should suck it up and take the hit for being annoying! I mean come on!!


Cody is the annoyer. I hate hair on my counter or in the sink. Even on the floor which I have to vacuum up everyday!

the wack

why is hair that's no longer attached to the body considered annoying? We're all covered in hair all the time? So what if Cody chooses to leave some of his all over the bathroom instead of on his body. Code is not the annoyer...double standards are...

The Code

Thank you sir! Your good looks and manlihood are only exceeded by your near infinite wisdom. Oh, and Helen, she already uses my razor and leaves it on the bathtub, and then I have to exit the shower sopping wet to retrieve it. I find this to be quite annoying. Especially since she sleeps two hours later than me every morning. So I am freezing wet searching for MY razor and she is warm in bed....also annoying.

Amy H.

Cody, I find it worse than annoying -- self-serving, actually -- that you don't rejoice in the fact that Elise gets to sleep in. You should be happy for her -- the woman you love -- NOT angry. I think your issues run deeper than being a chronic annoyer.


Ah Elise, my sister in annoyingness, well done! leaving the razor out of reach is a stroke of genius, although I ought perhaps to be kinder to Cody as he says I am badass and all.
What I really hate, on the hair front, is my teenage daughter's habit of sticking her long discarded hairs to the side of the shower, now THAT, is annoying in the extreme.


You know what's even better?!? When they shave their heads into a towel draped over the sink then wad the towel up and leave it next to the sink so the next time you say, wash your FACE you accidentially use the hair towel to dry off. Boys are neat!

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