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October 06, 2006



You know, that article says that the moon will officially be full at 11:13? It's 11:03 as I write this...I guess I have 10 more minutes until full freak-out. I totally agree with everything you said, and you've presented all this incredible research so I can make this arguement to other people! K. Fed has had his day -- put the song away until the next cycle!

Jerri Ann

It never dawned on me that the moon was a problem until I was pg and I would have terrible contractions during the last 3 months at the full moon, then hear the nurses talk about a full delivery room during this time, and then finally, my first born son was a royal pain in the arse with his sleep during the full moon. Since that time, my second child sent me to the hospital in pre-term labor at 24, weeks, 28 weeks and 32 weeks....all stopped thankfully, but all at the full moon. So, if you are crazy, so am I!


My Mom swears by this and she's not one that tends to believe stuff like that. The full moon does effect pregnancy like Jerri Ann says. Crazy, but I'm crazy all the time although this week has been worse then usual. Though most of that does have a teeny bit to do with the husbands job or lack there of. grr


our drummer aaron turns into a werewolf on full moons. but... actually, i think he can do that at will and just chooses to do it during full moons simply to freak us out. and it does. everytime.

and... at the risk of getting publicly berated, cause you either like him or you hate him: i will say that jason mraz wrote a fairly good tune about this topic, entitled "bella luna".

Two cats, moon-mood theories, and you like Kevin Federline? Should I have cause for concern?


Oh good lord say it isn't so! So its the damn moon cycle thats causing met o have the bladder infectin right? I knew it!!! LOL Its kinda funny but between the infection and the baby blues, you might be on to something!


In my opinion it's not whether the moon does anything to us, but it is WHAT it does to us. And that is the question you should be asking yourself. Why does it make you aggravated? Why does it make some people buy dresses, and why does it make little babies want to jump out of their mom's uterus? WHY???


Yes, you should never be afraid to ask why :)


Yeah, I never believed this until I worked in a healthcare center in high school. The residents would go nutty at the full moon. So weird.

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