September 13, 2006


Amy H.

I heard something the other day that attributed women's cruelty to survival instincts. Something about how it benefits a woman to marry/reproduce with a strong, handsome man, and that for a woman to attain the strongest, handsomest man she must be better than all the other female competition. So it's like survival of the meanest.
Just thought that was an interesting theory. Either way, I agree that women are cutthroat.


I have tried sooo many times in my life to become friends with women, and not ones that I work with but ones from my childrens daycare as well. Read my blog you'll see! LOL and everytime I get shot down over and over again. I gravitate more towards men than ido women in most occurances. I find them to be more witty and so much less critical. I'm a nice person, I swear I am! It sucks because who else am I suppose to talk to about my insecurities? and let me tell you after all that rejection I have a FEW!!!


I totally agree. Even though I am a guy, I find it hard to find good girlfriends who will cook and clean and cater to my every need, which is what they are all struggling against each other for anyways, to lock down the alpha male, which is me. Could you girls get it together.

Lizzie (Mom Unscripted)

I have always been better with guys. I would much rather hang out with a bunch of the husbands Army friends then a bunch of Mom's at a playgroup. I do have 4 very close friends. One I've known since we were 3, another since we were 10 and the last 2 are related by marriage. I'm going to do a post on this actually, its in the "draft" pile! Just to let them know that I love them even if they are girls.


I think it's rarer for men to hold grudges. Girls don't let things go. Like, if you were on a basketball team and had had an earlier fight/disagreement/etc. with a girlfriend also on the team earlier that day you can bet that girl will not be passing you the ball no matter how open you are. If it was a guy, the past is the past and the present is winning the game so you get the ball. I like guys. =)

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