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September 26, 2006



okay, so I got kinda lost on the math, but I'm thinking the skinny jean can't really be around that much longer because ... who is buying them? I can only think of one of my friends who might even consider it. Surely they are not making money?


I'll let you know. I hope they do make money. And then, I kinda hope they don't.

But mostly I'm all for the making of the money.

I'm a sell out.


i bought a military jacket today. what does that mean math-wise? am i screwed? did my bad math skills led me to make a bad fashion choice, or is it ok?


The math is a little bit sketchy. Pythagoras once proposed that the whole world was composed of numbers. I think that you would like him.


Skinny jeans are evil and must be stopped.


Reading all that post made me want to go out and BUY BUY BUY !! just not skinny jeans. They scare me, its bad enough that I just had a baby 3 months ago, and so to even bring those into my house to torture myself is not going to happen. Oh the days of size 2 are forever gone unless I stop eating. Thats not likely to happen seems how I enjoy food way to much to leave it behind, well not really behind persay, since I have a lot of it on my behind!


This is why I was so excited that GAP (a place I never shop anymore) has started making the black skinny pant again. It's a pant that never goes out of style. Who wouldn't want to look like Audrey Hepburn 24/7?


No worries, Kyle, military jackets always add up to awesome!

I'm very punny.

Stop me here.

LC (Mom Unscripted)

I'm not much of a clothes shopper. It's just too emotional and frustrating for me. I'm just flat a tshirt and jeans girl. I do love shopping for the kid so that makes up for it!


completely agree...i remember our backside situations vividly. i am pretty much stuck in flare to compensate for the other area forever, it seems. babies, no time, and laziness have won. blah to the skinny, and the skinny who can wear it.

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