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September 01, 2006



I'm glad I get to be in YOUR forever club, too! Seriously.

And you're right. Of course I'll do the survey.


Yeahhhh I'm reading David Sedaris right now.


elise - my reasoning for tagging you to do the post wasn't very thought out. i didn't mean it to sound as....hmm, BLAND as it did. i think that all 3 people i tagged would do an excellent job at answering the questions (as you have proved), but i really only thought of the 3, only you would ACTUALLY answer them. so, let me correct myself: "I tag Elise, because she might actually do it, and it will be in an entertaining and witty way. I also tag Hoover and Jeff, because I bet theirs would be fun to read also, but I don't think they'll actually do it."

I hope that redeems me a little bit. :-) Thanks for indulging me.


Oh sure, Kyle, take it back now. Now that I've already done it.

That's the easy way out, now isn't it?

I'm just kidding. As you see, I tagged my friend Amy for the exact same reason. And see, she IS gonna do it! Looks like we all win.


david sedaris makes me laugh also. good one. i wish i would've thought of that.

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