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September 06, 2006


Liz (Mom Unscripted)

I hope you got the task done fast. Don't you hate that kinda stuff? Things like I know if I don't do it then it will haunt for the rest of the day. When we leave for more then a few hours I have to check to make sure the front door is absolutely shut and locked about 2,000 times before we can leave.


I do that with the doors too. Sometimes when I leave the store, I will have to actually pull my car over to run back and make sure the stupid door is locked. I just locked it!! Why wouldn't it be locked?

But maybe I didn't. That's always the thought process :)


OHHH man,

Don't encourage her whoever you are.


Thanks for the compliment. My inro to blogging has been somewhat scary, so I appreciate the input.
I'm a friend of Amy and Kyle's from JBU. And I believe you and I are both in their wedding, so we'll meet then. Ciao!


The spelunkers would eat one another.


One of these days a door is going to unlock itself and all of us repetitive door checkers will be justified! :)


Good lord. How long does that take you? Maybe you could wean yourself of the habit by only doing some of the things until you do nothing at all? Maybe I know nothing about OCD, too.


Hi my name is CJ, am I at the right OCD meeting? The locked doors have me. They have me night and day. Did I lock that one when I took out the dog, I get up at 3am to check, wait did I lock that one when jill left, so I trot to the front door at 3 Am , did I remember to shut the fridge, oh wait let me check that one one more time I might have turned the deadbolt the wrong way. I feel your pain!


Not only do I triple check my front door, but I also triple or quadruple check my hair straightener, the oven, and my iron EVERY SINGLE morning. I also double check my kitty's water dish because I have an irrational fear that she'll not have enough and she'll die from dehydration by the time I get home from work. No wonder I'm late for work every morning.

Liz (Mom Unscripted)

I'm awful about the door. Sometimes I make the husband get up and check to make sure its locked and chained at 1 or 2 in the morning. I have a plant rack thingy on the deck that I actually wedge in front of the door when we leave for trips. The back door in bungeed closed! That took some engineering!

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