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September 07, 2006



Ahh yes living in Texas does that to you!! Seriously! ( ok I wouldn't normally tell anyone this but it took me 4 tries to get seriously right) Its all the red meat! lol I'm in the lovely Houston outskirts of Sugarland! Damnit I know I forgot to lock somethig be back later!


i don't understand why you're writing science recaps. please explain.


Ahem, Heather. I am, as I think I stated, freelance writing.

Doesn't that sound more important than "writing school curriculum science recaps for extra money"?

Yeah, let's just go with the freelancing.

Sarcastic Journalist

I personally find that when I can't spell a word such as the one you wrote, writing it like this:




I'll try it!

If nothing else, it would totally f**k the spellcheck.


Living in Texas IS enough to cripple anyone's speech. That's a fact.


OCD or nOCD, you've got to admit that those red squiggly lines are eyesores that cannot be ignored by even the most haphazard writers. I think in the new version of microsoft word they should mark misspelled words in a more gentle manner, maybe a pastel.

Liz (Mom Unscripted)

I agree with the red line thing! That drives me nuts. Especially when I'm returning emails and it shows all the mistakes the person who sent me the email made, its hard not to fix it before I reply! You think Texas messes up your speech!?! Try going from Missouri to SOUTHERN Louisiana. Sometimes I don't think these people are even speaking English.

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