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September 18, 2006


I like your hair. And Cody's fake smile.


babies and kittens and pottery barn -- you know just what your readers like, don't you? :)


the hair looks great! p.s. - Cody's smile doesn't look fake, but he does look like he's never seen a camera before.


You are beautiful!!!! and Cody well, yah hes a man, I bet the question you asked him was if he knew how to put the toliet seat down, they sometimes get that look of sheer terror!! Love the shelves I myself have eyed them a time or two when the catalog comes! An I'm a huge cat fan, however, I have a very allergic husband so we have a dog, I mean nightmare. And thanks for the listing girl! I'm on the list of greats! Hmmmmm I need to start acting like a diva now!! I only want green M & M's in my house now!! I want my water at 70 degrees!


i commented and it didn't show up so if it decides to show up later - sorry.

i mostly want to know where you got that lamp. was it under $20? just kidding. maybe.

i have a blog again, at least until i stop writing.


You two are just living the life.

Liz (Mom Unscripted)

I think I can safely say that our family is fine and perfect as a trio. As much as I love new fat little babies, I now know they grow into grumpy 2 year olds. I love having one but 2 is out of the question!
We've been married for almost 5 years and I after reading your post I can safely say we've bought 3 pieces of furniture, the entertainment center, a night stand and a recliner.
You are adorable and so is husbando!


Sophia lied, they don't kill cats at the cattery. It's an elaborate thing, but if you look closely, and you take one 't' out of cattery, you have catery, and that's what happens to the cats...they all become caterers for upscale events. And they do valet parking.

Amy H.

I want a cat!


Yay cat! Yay hair! NINE inches, what a change!

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