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August 29, 2006



holy shit. you're back!


yes, the pressure is officially on :)

Jerri Ann

Indeed I did come here via SJ and shenuts! I am the one who can tell you the worst possible scenario and how to get past it.....my cup is ALWAYS half empty! I definitely need a new cup.


Glad to know I am not the only one, Jerri Ann.

I will be sure to let my husband know, as well ;)

And thanks for coming!


my favorite thought: my glass is neither half empty or half full. i ordered a cheeseburger.


hey elise - thanks for the link! i linked you back. (that sounds weird.)


very glad to have found something new to read in the mornings. I like your style, lady. And I think pink flamingos are an excellent lawn ornament. I'm from Florida, you see, and in these parts flamingos are Very Stylish. Especially in a lawn with waist-high grass and perhaps a few old tires for lawn furniture.


Fellow pessimist right here. Drinking out of my pessimist's mug right now. really, it has a line in the middle that says "this glass is now half-empty." its from www.despair.com, my favorite site of all time. I'm looking foward to reading more from you.


Maybe we're twins who were separated at birth. I'm a pessimist (married to an optimist), too. I prefer to be called a realist, given that I base my feelings on what usually happens, rather than what I HOPE will happen.


Hi Elise!
I miss you! It's great to see you writing regularly again!

Liz (Mom Unscripted)

I also came here from SJ. I just recently started blogging and I freaking love this blogging community. No one really reads mine and that's just fine!
I live in Louisiana so I can totally relate with Texas Christians although you haven't lived until you experience small town Louisiana, really small town, we're talking strip clubs and Walmart. That's it.

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