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August 17, 2006



It is SO good to read that you are in a better place, emotionally at least. I am SO impressed and proud of you for even having the guts to try to own your own business at our age, no matter what the outcome. And think of it this way- yes, the business might fail. BUT, YOU did not!!! You said it yourself- the store kicked ass, right?! Did better than it had in years? Attracted a whole new range of customers? That's awsome!! You should be proud of that. Despite what you inherited and had no control over, did you do what you set out to do with the things you DID have control over?

And on a totally different note- I'm so happy for you and your new kitten!!! BIG points for the hubby! Our not-so-new kitten is crazy fat too. Do you think they go through a growth spurt and get leaner as they go from their "teenage" body to their adult body??


reiterating what's said above, i'm proud of what you've done as well. i also walked in to a dying business, worked myself to death for a year, only to find it fall out from under me very, very quickly. different situation though; but eerily similar. the money for the shop was embezzled from an oil drilling company; assets seized, yada yada.

like you, i took it personally when i shouldn't have. i tried my best, i did well, and i actually made the place break even first, then break into profitability in the first 6 months. no one expected it or thought it was possible.

so i'll hang my hat on that, instead of the fact that all my hard work has evaporated as quickly as i showed up.

just go down swinging.

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