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June 23, 2005



Elise! This so totally rocks! How exciting. We seem to be dealing with electricity at the same time... you're getting new stuff and we're ripping out the old and replacing it with new.
I bought a two gang box last week!
Next week we're replacing the sub panel, and rewiring from there as we have time.
I noticed Cody has a ring - stainless again? Of course electricians aren't really supposed to wear rings...



He "found" his old ring in some deep crevice in his backpack. And by saying "he found", what I really mean is that "I found".

You'll have to tell me if Superman has similar tracking abilities (or lack thereof).

I'm so happy to know that I am not the only girl our age who is getting the chance to buy two gang boxes and Hunter ceiling fans, and 14-2 wire, and all sorts of other interesting items. Keep me updated on your purchases - and let me know if you need anything specific! We have a "source" here. And he's worth dedicating an entire post to. His craziness cannot be underestimated, but neither can his extremely low prices on Lowe's stuff. So let me know!


for a long time i have been thinking to myself, "i wish that elise would put up new pics of their house." and what did you do? put up new pictures of your house. thank you.

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