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February 10, 2005


the wack

here's a couple of bands that the world greatly underappreciates (at least I think so)...

blind melon (known for "no rain")
Jethro Tull
Badly Drawn Boy
Hoote & the Blowfish ( Now I know they are Huge and wildly popular, but they have two albums that are have been sadly over looked and lost in the over saturated consumer friendly world we live in...Musical Chairs and Fairweather Johnson)
Iron & Wine (chill music, nice on a cold grey day)
Miles Davis (song: so what)
Pherigo (local Dallas band)
Uncle Tupelo (song: sandusky)
Wilco (song: Jesus Etc...)
William Bell (I forgot to be your Lover)--perfect make-up after a fight song.

Alright that's all I've got for now. later


The Shins
The Killers
The Dears
Dave Brubeck (if you like Jazz)
Howie Day
Nick Drake is always awesome
Peter Gabrial
Ray Charles
Remy Zero
Zero 7


I've enjoyed, lately, the following:

(artist followed by representative song)
death cab for cutie - title and registration
the postal service - nothing better
iron and wine - love and some verses
josh rouse - lavina
alexi murdoch - orange sky
joshua radin - today
ani difranco - studying stones
beck - evereybody's got to learn sometime
cary brothers - honestly
griffin house - ah me
the killers - mr. brightside
kings of convenience - homesick
mark geary - it beats me
matthew ryan - return to me

ok, so i listed everything i've recently bought from itunes. i couldn't choose.



ray lamontagne
arcade fire (this one!! this one!!)
cat power!
my morning jacket
pretty girls make graves
tv on the radio
rilo kiley
gillian welch

the newest album from all of these are fantastic. old ones too, but especially new. seven swans by sufjan stevens will blow your mind. if you want more information on any of them, just email me. you know, whatever.

Jeff T

I second Sufjan Stevens
The Decemberists
Unwed Sailor
The new U2 album
Beck - "Mutations" from 1998; it was alt.country before anyone really knew what alt.country was

That is all I got for now. I could throw out a couple of old random bands from Tyler that have broken up, but....meh.


I decided that pretty much any band that is on the OC mix, whether it be the first, second, or third CD (the soundtrack from the OC, as non-mainstream as that may sound) is relatively cutting edge and has a good sound. You can't go wrong, and I noticed that a bunch of people posted songs that are on those mixes.


I like Sinead O'Connor


Someones Bastard(its cajun)


I am delurking, just as asked....give the White Stripes a try, or perhaps Air (old but good French band). Love your site, by the way. Over and out!


You guys are awesome and WAY COOLER THAN ME. Thanks so much for the suggestions, and if anyone wants to donate money to my Music Appreciation Fund, then feel free. Just...umm...mail me a check? :) I've downloaded a whole bunch of stuff, and I will do an update sometime soon on what I think of the bands.

Seriously, great music you guys, and if you (you who read this and have not yet posted a comment!) have any ADDITIONAL suggestions, please let me know! I'm very interested.

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