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Well! I like About pages. Don't you? Yes, you do, because you're READING MINE. Ha! So I figured I better put something here, but the...umm...oversharing of identifying personal details I had up here previously was a bit scary. Stalkers. You know who you are.

So, let's see. I am 27, I am living in East Texas, I would rather be living somewhere that is NOT East Texas, but hey. Thems th' breaks.

I have one cat (Jill) and one German Shepherd Dog (Lydah). I may be what some refer to as a crazy animal person.

I own a clothing boutique, and have since I was 24. It's scary and fun and mundane and exciting all at the same time. Owning your own business is interesting, and I would LOVE to meet more young women who do. Unless they're mean and scary biznass ladies, in which case never mind.

I love my friends, and I have some really awesome ones where I live. In fact, they pretty much make me not want to move. The times, they are a'changin.

I REALLY love music. I'm sort of on a quest to see all my favorite bands, at least one time, in concert. I say "sort of" because that way no matter what happens I can claim I fulfilled my goal. Brilliant!

I also love yoga, and have turned what used to be a casual interest into a dedicated practice. Only time will tell where this will lead....

(did that sound mysterious? I was totally going for mysterious)

Email me at elisecarter at gmail dot com.


I like ponies and flowers and rainbows and pink and yellow and blue. And Italian men...mmmm.